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Treasures of the winning couple:
Mr. Body & Ms. Awareness
Establishing together a language for coping

Dr. Meirav Tal-Margalit

A dance/movement therapist- supervisor 

and psychotherapist is qualified in the 

Somatic Experiencing (SE) practitioner and 

supervisor with 30 years of therapeutic 

experience. She was a creative movement 

teacher for children and a choreographer 

for a hearing/hearing-impaired dance 

group. She specialize is in treating trauma 

and stress while focusing on building 

resilience, based on her long standing 

treatment of survivors of sexual abuse 

and domestic violence. She developed the 

STREAM therapy model (Somatic 

Therapies, Resilience Enhancement, 

Awareness & Movement).For a decade 

she is co-directing Connections & Links- 

From Trauma to Resilience.  She trains 

therapists at the David Yellin Academic 

College, and the Seminar Kibbutzim 

Academic College, is in a private clinic, 

researcher and presenter at conferences 

in Israel and abroad. Her articles have 

been published in books and journals in 

Israel and abroad. She lives in Haifa. 

Judith Spanglet, MSW 

A clinical social worker, family therapist and a practitioner and supervisor of the Somatic Experience (SE) method. She treats children, adolescents and adults who must face life’s challenges for almost 40 years, and is a senior supervisor of field work in the 

social work department at Ben Gurion 

University of the Negev. 

A decade ago, Ms. Spanglet founded 

Connections & Links- From Trauma to 

Resilience and has since then been a co-

director. She develops tools for dealing 

with overwhelming events, and is 

involved in research, writing and 

presenting her studies and work in 

conferences in Israel and abroad. She has developed a way to deal with trauma based on the combination of faith and spirituality that is anchored in the physical body. Judith lives in Beer Sheva, and runs a private clinic Beer Sheva. She works at the Resilience Center in Sdot Negev.

About the authors

Judith and Meirav are co-directors of  

Connections & Links – From Trauma to Resilience,

A Non-Profit Organization and have been the co-winners of the Inbar “Facing Terrorism” Fund prize for 

combining therapy and research in the community. They co-developed the Treasures of the Winning Couple” program for children.

The Journey and Vision

In mid-life each of us had already marched on her own individual journey as a woman, a mother, a professional and as a therapist.

In Jerusalem in the year 2001 our different professional and life paths crossed and we received a gift, a new way of looking at trauma 

and trauma healing. We met at the trauma therapy training of Somatic Experiencing (SE). At this point we began a joint journey and began creating, climbing mountains and crossing oceans Combining SE, body-oriented psychotherapy, and dance movement therapy enabled us to 

merge individual professional paths to help various populations.  This enriched our creativity as we collaborated on a common journey.

With the foundation of knowledge, which had accumulated during decades, Meirav contributed the STREAM model (Somatic Therapies, Resilience Enhancement, Awareness & Movement Therapy) and Judith "Embodied Faith and Spirituality".  

Together we continued to develop professionally both in practice and research. Then we decided to add an additional focus, our vision's mission is to enable children the opportunity of gaining body-mind tools for coping from a young age and to expand the therapeutic span of our practice to include also trauma prevention and building resilience.

In nature's inspiring locations, four years ago we began to write this book and to develop coping tools.


We enthusiastically invite you to join us on this life's journey and together flow towards resilience, movement, awareness, health and coping with the help of "The Treasures of the Winning Couple: Mr. Body and Ms. Awareness".

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