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Establishing together a language for coping
Treasures of the winning couple:
Mr. Body & Ms. Awareness

In this book you will enjoy:


  • A timeless story about the importance of true friendship and togetherness;


  • Relaxation and self-regulation exercises; Wonderful illustrations;


Instructions for working with young readers, including:


  • Attentive listening and movement exercises

  • Visual-aid explanations illustrating the body-mind process of stress, release and tranquility

  • Body-mind tools for self-help: Faith in the power of internal and external resources in acquiring resilience

  • An easy to understand and applicable guide for finding one's internal strengths using Mr. Body and Ms. Awareness

  • A variety of lively realistic characters children can relate to, reflecting the colorful and fascinating cultural diversity of this country

  • Personal exciting stories about overcoming hardship, distress and empowerment, friendship and mutual help.

  • The book includes an introduction for children, and instructions for adult readers who accompany and lead the reading experience.

  • Children will receive a multi-dimensional view about their body and what happens within it in moments of stress, and in repose, and will understand the tools ,which trigger their natural intuitive reaction.

  • Adults will achieve maximal benefits from the book for themselves as well as their children, with the multiple insights found in the instruction section, including guidelines and methods for using the treasures effectively during the reading experience and in everyday situations.

  • Deeper understanding of the processes taking place in the body and mind in times of stress and times of relief will enable everyone to work together and achieve tangible results.

  • The tools in this book can be taught to children of all ages, in an unintimidating and direct manner.

  • Child-parent-teacher reading and experiencing with the Treasures of the Winning Couple is a shared empowering experience of story, song, play and practice, and most importantly, of learning relaxation exercises, in the spirit of mindfulness and movement.

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