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Establishing together a language for coping
Treasures of the winning couple:
Mr. Body & Ms. Awareness

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  • Awareness Program for coping with Stress and Developing Self-regulation and Resilience - in schools, and informal education centres. This is an experiential program using movement, mindfulness, rhythm and music as well as movement props, visual aids, creativeness and more.

This 12 session evidence-based program is being run by Connections & Links NGO and has served over 750 children since 2013. It is an activated program in 

the program pool of the Ministry of Education. It consist of basic stage and a second stage for assimilating the treasures. 


  • Mediating Workshops for Parents and Professionals . Take advantage of this unique workshop for enriching your dialogue 

with your children as you build your family's resilience together.


  • In depth six-eight session workshop for parents how to use these self-help tools for themselves and their children.


  • Course for training mental health and educational professionals to lead the 

Winning Couple Workshop. The STREAM model and Winning Couple Course is 

sponsored by Connections & Links in conjunction with the Chemdat Hadarom 

College and the Sdot Negev Mercaz Chosen and is recognized by Ofek Chadash. 

Courses will take place soon in the North and the South.

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