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Establishing together a language for coping
Treasures of the winning couple:
Mr. Body & Ms. Awareness



"I was astonished at the amount of knowledge, wisdom and experience that is packed into this book, and which emphasized for me the power that the body-mind  has. I loved the way that  an entire world of content — and such an important one — is woven into a simple yet interesting story that provides  sequential tools to cope with those conflicts that sometimes befall us."

Dr Michal Simchon, Director of the M.A.A.T. Bibliotherapy Program, David Yellin College of Education


"Helpful, calming tools for self-regulation are taught about here: simply and directly, with rhymes to help children remember them in an entertaining fashion. Any child who was ever sad, frightened or distressed will find here something that will work for him — each child in their own way and on a suitable level."

Ricki Bernstein, MSW, SEP, trauma specialist, teacher and trainer of SE, Somatic Interventions Trainer


"This “Winning couple – Mr. Body and Ms. Mind” program and the accompanying book help children learn how to develop awareness of their sensations and how to use the resources present within them and return to equilibrium. The tools obtained in the program help cope not only with daily challenges, but also with those challenges that come at times of crisis or breakdown.  I recommend that parents practice the concepts with their children and welcome the body-mind language into their homes."

Leora Alperin, MSW, Director of the Sdot Negev Resilience Center


"This book is a significant breakthrough in connecting the body- mind for coping with stressful situations and post-trauma. Judith and Meirav bear the flag of this special work which includes body-oriented psychotherapy and dance movement therapy in the realm of stress and resilience."

Dr. Elisheva Zohar-Reich, Family Therapist and Expressive Arts Therapist, in the past Head of the Association of Collaborators, and of the Israel Association of Family and Couple's Therapy. Author of Leonardo's Bird, The Class of Life and  To Divorce Wisely- Family in the Complexity of Divorce.


"This is a useful guidebook, helpful in its honesty, and in its ability to pinpoint both distressing issues and peace: both inner peace and spiritual peace. This wonderful book offers simple, natural tools for coping and teaches a gradual, sequential set of concepts to intimate self-knowledge. While it is adapted to their language and thus appropriate for children, it also speaks to parents, to professionals in the field of therapeutic treatment and education, and to anybody who strives to improve his understanding and awareness in life’s journey."

Ruth Pardes, M.A., Psychotherapist, Dance Therapist, Past Director of the Association of Expressive Therapies, Researcher of Healing Rituals and Cultures as Therapeutic Tools.


"On the day that there were vaccinations in school my class of first graders started to cry and I didn't know what to do. Then I remembered that we had started to learn about the winning couple. We did the movements of the treasures that we had learned 


and the girls all calmed down."



First grade teacher



 "Oh how I wish I had known these tools when I was a child. They could have really helped me to cope when I was young. Today I use the treasures 

for myself and also with my son." 


the mother of an 8 year old

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